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From the digital landscape of iGaming, being bold is more critical than ever., a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge iGaming news and information, offers a suite of advertising solutions built to lift up your brand’s visibility and engagement. Here’s why must be your go-to platform for reaching an expansive and enthusiastic iGaming audience.

Unmatched Audience Reach
Since its inception in May 2023, has registered over one million unique visitors, with recent statistics from January 2024 showing more than 200,000 unique visitors. These users aren’t just casual browsers; they engage deeply with content, spending about 19 minutes per visit. The site’s demographic spread includes a significant presence in English-speaking markets for example the U . s ., Canada, along with the UK, and a robust 35% audience share with German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This diverse and dedicated audience makes a great platform for targeting both broad and niche segments within the iGaming community.

Innovative Advertising Solutions comes with a variety of advertising formats that focus on different needs and objectives:

Rotating Advertising Banners: Avoid ad fatigue with rotating banners that change with each page visit. This dynamic approach assists in keeping user interest and boosts the probability of ad engagement. Options include large-format billboard banners for max impact and smaller skyscrapers for sustained visibility.
Sponsored Content: Blend seamlessly into the buyer experience with sponsored articles offering in-depth case studies, reviews, interviews, plus more. This article is crafted by seasoned journalists and is also included in the homepage within the latest news, ensuring high visibility and engagement.
Quick Briefs: For advertisers seeking to quickly communicate time-sensitive offers or news, Quick Briefs give you a platform for concise, impactful messages that remain at the very top of relevant category pages for about 15 days.
Flexibility and Customization
Understanding that each brand’s needs are unique, offers flexible and customizable advertising packages. Whether you seek continuous visibility or targeted campaigns during specific periods, accommodates various strategies and budgets. Advertisers can pick the duration, frequency, and type of content that most closely fits their set goals, with options to adjust campaigns depending on performance and market response.

Partnering for achievement
Being an official partner, you gain more than simply ad’ space; you receive comprehensive support from’s expert team. This includes content creation, online marketing campaigns, and data-driven insights to optimize your advertising effectiveness. Official partners enjoy added perks like enhanced banner placements and also the power to feature logos and links throughout the site, increasing brand recognition and user engagement.

Choosing as your advertising partner in the iGaming industry means not only buying space; it’s about creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and substantial growth. With your robust platform, diverse audience, and innovative advertising solutions, your brand can perform unprecedented visibility and impact. Join us at, and allow us to assist you to turn every click in a potential consumer.
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