Web Design that Really Gets the Job Done

An excellent website design does not always mean expensive or fancy – it just has to have proper design principles and elements in it that makes for a good user experience. We are always forming impressions and opinions about everything we see, and the same goes for visiting a website. Visitors to your website will have some kind of impression within seconds of being on your site. There are tons of things that affect conversions, and one of the very first things is the impression they get after they arrive. Our conversation will center on what you need to know and get right on your site concerning design.

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Grammar and spelling are not really a part of design, but we want to say a few words about them because they are important. If you are going to put in all that hard work on your design, then save some effort for your text. Even if you do not have a word processor, there are tons of free spell checkers online that are easy to find. People are willing to forgive a misspelled word once in a great while, but after about three they may start to wonder. Just get in the habit of checking it every time you finish writing something.

One of the things that go into a successful web design is the creation of the pages that contain your copyright notice and privacy policy. It is well worth the money to buy what you need, and all you do is fill in the blanks and you’re done. Some visitors may not do business with you or give you their contact information if you do not have a privacy policy and other notices. These pages are important in other areas such as PPC advertising and SEO because the search engines look for them.

If your site will be for content, then make sure your content is the centerpiece of each page. You will find just about all serious content sites make just about no use of Flash. If you want to use Flash, then you have to think about the purpose of the site and who your audience is.

Besides this, flash takes time to load and slows down your pages, which may not be very appealing to your visitors. You can and should link to your content from a page that is heavy with Flash, but we would have to ask you why you want to use Flash. This gives others the option to visit a non-flash page if they’re not in favor of it.

We urge you to continue learning more about website design because knowledge will not hurt you. You will find that proper planning in the beginning with your design will pay off large dividends later on.
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