Designing Your Webpages with The End User in Mind

Any person who spends money with any business or salesperson will be influenced by the appearance of the business, and the same effect applies with your website design. All you need to do is make your site with an appropriate design and theme for your audience and follow good usability practices. So are you perplexed about where to begin with your design? This article will discuss several areas of web design so your pages will keep people on them.

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One best practices tip to make a habit is naming your site pages filename extensions that serve a greater purpose with the descriptions. Actually this SEO practice probably had more weight in the past than now, but it is easy to do and certainly will not hurt. Your main keyword phrase for that page will go in the filename extension. Totally ignore the use of the underscore here, but what you do want to use are hyphenated phrases. You want your filenames to be read correctly by the engines, and that is how you can do that. This is a relatively small measure that may be useful for your visitors in addition to the search bots.

Usually all site designs automatically place the homepage link right at the top and usually under the header.

Avoid using an image graphic and assuming people will hover over it to discover it is a link. Hopefully it goes without saying that every page on your site must have this link to home. You can annoy your readers if your nav structure is sloppy – as amazing as that sounds it is true. This has turned into a web standard, as most of the web users now by default expect to return back to the main page of the website by clicking on the logo on the top left corner.

Using Alternative Domains: to make sure that your brand is as protected and you are as easy to find as possible, register a bunch of different domain names as well as multiple versions and a bunch of different extensions. This protects you against other people who will want to take advantage of your success with similar domain names. While it isn’t exactly a part of your site design this is an important step to make sure you don’t lose any valuable readers. All that you need to do then is set up the domains to re-direct to your main site, which is something that all of the bigger companies do when they want to protect their brands and raise awareness of their websites. For example, don’t just register the .com, register the .org and .net as well to make sure that you are covered in the three most popular extensions. This will also help your site have no competition from other domain extensions in the search engines.

Over time your site design is going to get better and will be more effective as you learn and make things better. You need to make sure that you focus first on basic web design so that your site won’t come up short anywhere. Web design is not really that complicated but people can quickly make it so. If you want your website to receive favorable response from your visitors and actually help you get higher conversions, achieve more sales and build a strong brand, then focus on building a strong foundation first.
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