The Right Way To Choose The Right Carbide Burrs?

Carbide burrs, also known as carbide rotary burrs are used with high-speed electric mills or die grinders to process metal, wood, plastics, etc. Carbide rotary burrs are popular in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, craft carving, along with other industries. Selecting the most appropriate carbide burr to your project is crucial. There are several options for picking a high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burr.

Shapes of tungsten carbide rotary burrs
The form with the carbide rotary burr must be based on the contour from the workpiece. When processing the internal arc surface, a semi-circular burr or round burr (small diameter workpiece) must be used; when processing the inner corner surface, triangular burrs needs to be selected; when processing the interior right angle surface, a set burr and square burr can be selected. In the event the flat burr is employed to cut the interior right angle surface, it is crucial to make a narrow surface (smooth edge) without teeth near to one of several inner right angle surfaces, in order to avoid damaging the right angle surface.

Tooth thickness of carbide rotary burrs
The thickness of burr teeth must be determined based on the allowance size of the workpiece, machining accuracy, and material properties. The coarse tooth carbide burr is suitable for machining workpieces with large allowance, low dimensional accuracy, large form and position tolerance, large surface roughness value, and soft material; otherwise, fine-tooth carbide burr needs to be selected. When used, it ought to be chosen as outlined by machining allowance, dimensional accuracy, and surface roughness required by the workpiece.

Sizes of carbide burrs
The scale and specification of cemented carbide rotary burr needs to be selected based on the sized the workpiece and machining allowance. When the machining dimensions are large and the allowance is big, cemented carbide rotary burr with a large size should be selected, or possibly a tungsten carbide rotary burr with a small size needs to be selected instead.
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