Augmented reality 3 dimensional technology

Our company is using optical filtration systems and really advanced technical to produce after that generation graphic experiences for you personally. We are focused on taking realtime 3D to daily two dimensional inside our Immersiiv collection. And we should deliver much more color and clarity in your daily 3D practical experience via our Optiix series.

Instead of a one product or modern technology, we are looking for instructions and lovers to create the planet alive. We’re also looking at how our technology could make lives better in healthcare, education, corporate training and other segments and industries, even though we’re working in the consumer market.

Technologies takes on a crucial role inside our day-to-day lives regarding work, learning, communication and entertainment and information. Enciircle’s work is about making technical that is more real alive by delivering a better perspective, a more attached encounter, as well as a better experience of taking part in life, as opposed to simply watching it.

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