Kabis Environmental Services (KES), Colorado’s Premier Radon Mitigation Environmental Services Company

Radon exams are carried out to look at the presence, if any, of radon in your home. Developing a radon test carried out your own home will ensure if radon occurs and keep your household safe. Radon is an extremely dangerous substance that can cause cancer and other health problems.

Radon is a radioactive gas which comes in the natural decay of uranium, which can be seen in a lot of soil. This gas originates from the soil into the air and can be in your house through cracks from the foundation or gaps. A home will trap radon inside therefore it may eventually get to very dangerous levels. Any home new or old may have a radon problem so it’s crucial that you have your house tested if you are concerned or have not already had your property tested.

Testing your own home for radon is a simple and quick process. A certified inspector can come to your house and put some kind of device in your house to ascertain the amounts of radon present. The outcomes are fast and very accurate. Since this gas can’t be seen or smelled it is crucial to get your own home tested. Furthermore the gas originate from soil and collect via a flight, but it can also be with your water so you should have your water tested too, especially if an initial test shows levels of radon present in the property. Maintaining your family safe is vital so that you needs to have your property tested for radon for the utmost safety and health.

Our clients are a partnership with two environmental professionals with the helm. Tom Kabis has an MS in Environmental Science, JD and 43 experience. Stephen Sewalk, PhD in Civil Engineering, JD and experience of construction and environmental engineering. We opened KES because we are concerned that RADON mitigation and testing companies operating in Colorado are testing improperly and installing RADON mitigation systems improperly. In a nutshell, from the hundred mitigation systems inspected under 20% are installed properly and even less are operating optimally. Require a free inspection and evaluation; fair and honest. Radon, occurring naturally through the degradation (radiation) of Uranium, is really a Silent Killer and also the #2 reason for united states. Maintain your family safe with honest reliable professionals.

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