10 Rules for Safe Intercourse and Dating

I firmly think that in case you are old enough thus far you are who are old enough to talk about sex. If you can’t talk about sex with all the other individual; you happen to be not who are old enough or mature enough being participating in sex. Listed here are my 10 Rules for Safe Sex.

10 Rules for Safe Sex

1. Women and men always practice safe sex.

2. Women try not to be shy…get your own condoms and get the man to utilize them.

3. Before engaging in oral sex or intercourse ask anybody to get an HIV/AIDS make sure get you tested too. Play show and tell and exchange medical reports.

4. Become knowledgeable concerning the latest STDs. Tend not to are based upon outdated information or gossip. Get the facts out of your doctor or reputable website.

5. Remember you can not look and discover all STDs.

6. Tend not to PLAY Russian Roulette using your life.

7. If you have an STD assume responsibility and educate your potential partner. Occasionally, it is a crime never to disclose that information and infect someone.

8. Tend not to place yourself in a risky situation.

9. Don’t let yourself be coerced into performing sex acts that you are uncomfortable engaging in.

10. ENJOY that you will be old enough being responsible for YOUR sexual health!!

Dating online and meeting people might be exciting. However, never compromise your health and safety since you don’t want to offend someone. Anyone that has been involved with dating online knows those items mentioned above are common sense and she or he won’t be offended. If it body’s offended, pay attention to your vibration and run!

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